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This plugin provides an automated way to deduct square footages from openings, windows, doors, and other objects in your wall areas.

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Simply refer to the Templates marked "Cutout Tool" while you are working on your home tab. Use the "Wall Area Cutout Template" as you would a standard wall area by giving it a new name, wall height, and number of wall sides. Record your designated wall your working with, traveling though any opening. To subtract the section, refer to the next folder labeled "Drag and Drop Cutout Tools". Here you will click and drag a designated cutout takeoff item to the desired wall template and release the mouse (drag and drop). This will apply and launch the item. Put in the proper parameters of your door/window/opening/object and either use the count or the segment items to tally up square footage of your items and have it deduct it from your wall area. Please see demo video for visual instructions.

Cutout Tool Plugin

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