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Change & Merge Takeoff Items

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Check out the new User Guide for this plugin! Have you ever completed a takeoff then realized you needed to change an item you have already taken off? This handy, little tool allows you to change your takeoff item into another one, even if you have already finished. Example: you can change VCT to Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Concrete or any other area. If you have taken off a wall type and need to change it to a different wall type, just right-click and select "Change Item," then select the item you want to swap it for. NOTE: You cannot change a segment to a linear or the other way around. Segments will change to other segments, linear items to linear items and areas to other areas.

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by Anonymous

Great plugin!

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by Cdsterling

works very well. Most of the time, you don't need this, but when you do, it's really, really nice to have. Paid for itself on the first day I had it.

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