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PlanSwift 3D Viewer will allow you to view your plans in 3D in a separate window launched from within PlanSwift.

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This plugin will install with new templates for 3D Area, 3D Linear, 3D Segment, and 3D Count. You can find these templates in the drop down option for each tool on the HOME tab or you can find them in the Templates Window on the right side of the screen. By default, PlanSwift will not add 3D properties to all existing templates, items and previous jobs. You can, however, modify the TYPES to make the 3D options tab display on more items by making a few simple changes in the TYPES tab. Please refer to our video for instructions on how to do this. PlanSwift 3D Viewer is primarily a presentation tool for viewing and creating 3D images that can be emailed, printed, or saved digitally. PlanSwift 3D Viewer is not a design tool. Hatch patterns and textures will not be displayed. Pitched areas for roofs or vaulted ceilings will not display with their pitch. Windows, doors and other deducted openings will not display as cutouts. We are hoping to add some of these options in future versions.

PlanSwift 3D Viewer

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PlanSwift 3D Viewer Template Integration

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